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My name is Ivanna Stanfield, also known as Evie- a nickname given to me by my dad when I was a little girl. So when you see references to Evie throughout the blog, that’s me. I am a happily married, homeschooling mom of three living in a small town in California. After the birth of my oldest son in 1999, I realized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which began a quest to live a bit more simple and a whole lot more organic. Over the span of 23 years, this led me through countless hours of research and the completion of several course studies related to holistic living and herbalism.

I have always felt a connection with nature and it wasn’t until I was older that I developed a true understanding of how important preserving our planet is. Having children, for many of us, changes our perspective on life. We begin to look more into the future in order to ascertain a healthy, happy, and safe life for our children. When I became pregnant with our first son I wanted to make some changes in my life. The first one was being more cautious about the products I was cleaning my home with. I began reading labels and found that there were not many products that were labeled as safe and non-toxic. In fact, most products were labeled to keep away from children and use them in well-ventilated areas! I realized at that moment that I wasn’t about to use any of those products. At this point, I read many books and spent countless nights researching alternatives. I found a few products that I felt comfortable using. I also learned how to make my own, equally effective, cleaning products. I was amazed at how simple and cost-effective they were.

All of the research on cleaning products led me to realize that there are many aspects to having a healthy home. I began to learn about organic foods, preservatives, artificial coloring, and other ingredients. We had always eaten a seemingly healthy diet. It wasn’t until I began to read the labels that I found that we needed to make some changes there, too. When I learned that we basically “eat” what we put on our skin I was encouraged to replace our body care products with natural and organic alternatives. The results we saw in our healthier and improved lifestyle was well worth it. My husband and I saw ourselves contracting viruses less often and generally having more energy.


The changes we made in our home spanned a few years, it was not, by any means, overnight!


Several months after making the last of these changes I noticed something I had not paid any attention to- my inhaler. For most of my adult life, I had to use a rescue inhaler and now it sat untouched, for how long I can not remember. This is not to say that living more healthy made the asthma symptoms go away, it is to say that eliminating the toxins in my immediate environment kept the symptoms from flaring up. These being my personal experiences and opinions, I invite you to create your own. Research, find what works for you, as what works for one may not work for another. Continue reading to learn more about Magical Garden Botanicals. 


 Wellness from Gaia 

Throughout my blog, you will often see the words Mother Earth, Earth, and Gaia used interchangeably. To me, they are all one and the same, they represent the embodiment of this beautiful planet that sustains all life, as a mother does for her precious children.

This blog is the third incarnation of a website, Evie’s Earth, that began in 2005. I created Evie’s Earth with the intention of sharing information about holistic living. I maintained the site for a few years and then had to take a break as life became busy. Skip forward to 2014, to the month of July- inspiration came knocking on my door. Maybe it was more like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings? Either way, inspiration found me. And it appeared in the most beautiful, surreal, and magical of all ways. Sitting in my garden, as I convened with the flowers in all their gracious beauty, I felt divinely inspired. I realized that we must work with Mother Nature, not against her. I saw that true healing arrives when we heal the planet, as an unhealthy planet cannot sustain the health of its inhabitants. And so, my first post on my newly created blog, Earth Gypsy Evie, was “Green Inspiration.”

It is now 2020, fifteen years since my first website was created and I feel like I have come full circle as I welcome you to Magical Garden Botanicals.

The Magical Garden is the inspiration for this blog. It is my little plot of land where I have lovingly tended the soil and cultivated each and every plant that thrives there. It is my source of healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Over the years I have shared stories from the Magical Garden on my blog; stories that tell how the plants have healed me and the wisdom they have shared with me.

I have been passionate about plants and the healing power of herbs for close to twenty years now. Much time has been dedicated to learning about plants and how they benefit us. During this time I crafted remedies for my family and close friends. Through their encouragement, I felt inspired to begin sharing the medicine from the garden with others.

A practice often referred to as folk herbalism combined with Earth-based spirituality is my calling. It is about connecting with Gaia and slowing down. Healing isn’t a quick fix. Herbal remedies are not replacements for pharmaceuticals. Instead, they are nourishment for our body to encourage homeostasis- a collective effort with nature to gently bring our body back to center. Learned knowledge combined with intuition whispered from the plants themselves is what is called upon to craft each remedy. In crafting my remedies, the intent of every action is to honor Gaia in ways that facilitate healing for all living creatures. I choose the slow methods of medicine making; the holistic ways our ancestors applied healing. Simple methods are employed with the plants utilized in their most natural state. There are times when healing doesn’t come from a salve or tincture, instead, it may arrive in a nourishing soup or even a tasty treat. Our ancestors recognized that preventative measures were the best medicine by preparing wholesome foods with healing plants. The majority of the remedies come from plants that are cultivated in my garden, while a few plants are ethically wildcrafted from local areas. Some are used fresh and others dried first, plants are harvested and prepared in relation to the seasons.

With deepest gratitude, thank you for joining me. I look forward to sharing wellness from Gaia, this is my medicine, my art. To learn more about my herbal creations, visit the Apothecary



Welcome to the Magical Garden

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