Discover holistic wellness through Earth-friendly living.

Your wellness journey is unique, just like you. As an herbalist, I walk alongside you on your wellness journey. Together we will organize a wellness plan that suits your individual needs. I will offer gentle and compassionate guidance as you navigate the path to wellness in a holistic and environmentally friendly way.

Consultations: Available in-person and virtual. I work with adults of all ages, children, and pets (small animal). 

Topics covered may include:

  • Herbal remedies to promote wellness
  • Personalized herbal and wellness products
  • How to choose healthy and nourishing foods
  • Assistance in selecting toxin-free cosmetics and personal care products
  • Simple, yet effective, methods for cleaning and maintaining a toxin-free home
  • How to deepen your connection with Mother Earth


Please contact me for more information.

Qualifications and Experience


Over 21 years of researching holistic wellness and working towards living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Honestly, who does better research than a concerned mama wanting the best for her babies?

*Visit for more information. Please contact me for an appointment. 

Consultations are suggestions for living a healthier holistic lifestyle. They are not intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, or as a substitute for regular medical care. Statements made here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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