Faerie Blessing Powder

Faerie Blessing Powder


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Faerie Blessing Powder  $6 each 

Sprinkle a little faerie magic!

Each glass bottle is filled with finely ground organically grown herbs from the Magical Garden. The plants are harvested and prepared during their most optimal time so that they retain their magical and healing properties. The glass bottle measures 2.4″ and includes a charm.


Single herbs and herbal blends available:

  • Mugwort*
  • Lavender
  • Yarrow
  • Flowers (single or blends) calendula, marigold, hollyhock, morning glory, chamomile, rose
  • Mugwort*, lavender, rose, calendula
  • Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme
  • Request a custom blend (over 20 herbs to choose from)

*Not recommended for use while pregnant or nursing.

Suggestions on how to use Faerie Blessing Powder

  • Use as a plant offering. Sprinkle some powder as an act of reciprocity while harvesting plants. It’s a beautiful way to show gratitude to the plants.
  • Add some of the powder to your bath water to infuse a little bit of Faerie magic into the water.
  • Invite your inner-child to play and now it’s herbal confetti or pixie dust.
  • Display as a decorative item.
  • Powders that contain mugwort can be placed near your sleeping area to promote vivid dreams.
  • Sprinkle onto a charcoal disk to use as a smoke cleansing powder.
  • Incorporate into your magical workings.


 This product is not intended for young children as it contains small parts and the bottle is made of glass.

For external use only.

 Here are some of the magical properties of the plants used to make the Faerie Blessing Powders. Know that, ultimately, it is your intention and intuition that provides this information. Use this list to enrich your awareness and to spark inspiration and creativity. 


Calendula for protection, prophetic dreams, and psychic powers.

Chamomile to welcome calming thoughts and promote sleep.

Hollyhock flowers promote healing from the past and boost spiritual energy.

Lavender to promote peace, sleep, happiness, love, and protection. 

Marigold is associated with rebirth, transformation, and setting spiritual boundaries.

Morning glory invites happiness and peace.

Mugwort is used for dreamwork, lucid dreaming practice, and to awaken intuition. 

Oregano for courage, happiness, and protection.

Parsley for purification and protection.

Rose for love, psychic powers, healing, and attracting faeries. 

Rosemary for purification, specifically for removing negativity, also for protection and healing.

Sage  (garden sage) for wisdom, protection, and wishes.

Thyme for courage, purification, psychic powers, and healing.

Yarrow is often used to dispel negativity from an item, a person, or a specific area.


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