Herbal Wands

Herbal Wands

Herbal Wands $8 each

Herbal Wands for smoke cleansing are seasonal items subject to availability. Handcrafted with love and intention from plants cultivated in the Magical Garden. Additionally, the plants are harvested and prepared during their most optimal time so that they retain their magical and healing properties.

Not sure how to use an herbal wand? If you ask around you will notice that there are many different ways to perform smoke cleansing. I feel the best advice I can share is to trust your intuition. Don’t worry about all the “rights and wrongs” others place on something that should be purely driven by your own intuition. Here are a few tips to get you started.


  • Supplies needed include an herbal wand, a way to light it (candle, lighter, or matches), and a fireproof container to catch ashes and to extinguish the wand when finished. Some people also use a bowl filled with sand or soil to extinguish the wand. Do not leave it unattended while it is still smoking.
  • Set your intention, say a prayer, do what works for you.
  • Make sure your area is well ventilated and be mindful of individuals (including pet birds) that are sensitive to smoke. 
  • Light the tip of the wand and allow a flame to appear. Gently blow the flame out so that it is smoldering. You want the smoke, not a torch. 
  • Fan or gently blow on the embers to keep the smoke active. You can use your hand, your breath, or even a feather. 

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Currently available:

Mugwort Dream Wand (mugwort, some with calendula flowers, hollyhock flowers, lavender or rose petals) Mugwort for psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, astral projection, and healing. Calendula for protection, prophetic dreams, and psychic powers. Hollyhock flowers promote healing from the past and boost spiritual energy. Lavender promotes peace, sleep, happiness, love, and protection. Rose petals call in love, healing, protection, and strengthen psychic powers.


Kitchen Witch Wand (oregano, rosemary, flowering sage) Oregano for courage, happiness, and protection. Rosemary for purification, healing, and love. Sage (garden sage) for wisdom, protection, and wishes. (SOLD OUT)


Yarrow Wand (yarrow, some with flowers) Often used to dispel negativity from an item, a person, or a specific area.


Inner Peace Wand (St. John’s wort) Invite happiness, love, and tranquility into your space.


Rosemary Wand (rosemary, some with calendula flowers) Rosemary for purification, specifically for removing negativity, also for protection and healing. Calendula for protection and psychic powers. Both share the Sun and Fire elements, making this a great herbal wand for the Winter Solstice. 


Boundaries Herbal Wand (flowering mugwort and flowering yarrow) This wand is about boundaries. Mugwort welcomes prophetic dreams so that the boundaries of your inner self can be expanded and explored. Mugwort also calls in strength and protection. Yarrow invites courage, love, and psychic powers to assist in setting boundaries with others. (SOLD OUT)

The beautiful silk pictured was created by a very dear friend of mine that happens to be a talented artist and an amazing author. Check out her site: https://loscotoff.com/




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