Herbal Wands

Herbal Wands

Herbal Wands for smoke cleansing are seasonal items subject to availability. Handcrafted with love and intention with plants cultivated in the Magical Garden. Additionally, the plants are harvested and prepared during their most optimal time so that they retain their magical and healing properties. $8 each

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Currently available:

*Mugwort Dream Wand (mugwort, some include calendula flowers) Mugwort for psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, astral projection, and healing. Calendula for protection, prophetic dreams, and psychic powers.


*Kitchen Witch Wand (oregano, rosemary, flowering sage) Oregano for courage, happiness, and protection. Rosemary for purification, healing, and love. Sage (garden sage) for wisdom, protection, and wishes. (SOLD OUT)


*Yarrow Wand (yarrow, some with flowers) Often used to dispel negativity from an item, a person, or a specific area.


*Scarborough Fair Wand (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme) Parsley for purification and protection. Sage (garden sage) for longevity, wisdom, and protection. Rosemary for protection, love, and healing. Thyme for courage, purification, psychic powers, and healing.


*Lavender Dream Wand (lavender, sage, rosemary) Lavender to promote peace, sleep, happiness, love, and protection. Sage for wishes and protection. Rosemary for love, healing, and sleep.  (SOLD OUT)


*Inner Peace Wand (flowering oregano) Invite happiness. love, and tranquility into your space.


*Flower Power Wand (made with the flowering tops of anise hyssop, mugwort, yarrow, lemon balm, oregano, and calendula)  Anise hyssop for calming, grounding, and clarifying. Mugwort for healing, strength, and protection. Yarrow for courage and love. Lemon balm to promote love, success, and healing. Oregano for happiness, love, and protection. Calendula for protection and intuition.


*Mugwort Lavender Dream Wand (flowering mugwort wrapped around a small bundle of lavender) Mugwort for psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, astral projection, and healing. Lavender to promote peace, sleep, happiness, love, and protection.


*Rosemary Wand (rosemary, some with calendula flowers) Rosemary for purification, specifically for removing negativity, also for protection and healing. Calendula for protection and psychic powers. Both share the Sun and Fire elements, making this a great herbal wand for the Winter Solstice. 


*Gaia’s Harmony Wand (flowering anise hyssop) Beautifully fragrant anise hyssop welcomes clarity and harmony.  Invite calming and grounding energies while connecting with Gaia. May also help to ward off nightmares. 


*Boundaries Herbal Wand (flowering mugwort and flowering yarrow) This wand is about boundaries. Mugwort welcomes prophetic dreams so that the boundaries of your inner self can be expanded and explored. Mugwort also calls in strength and protection. Yarrow invites courage, love, and psychic powers to assist in setting boundaries with others. 

The beautiful silk pictured was created by a very dear friend of mine that happens to be a talented artist and an amazing author. Check out her site: https://loscotoff.com/


*Comfort Herbal Wand (cypress)  Embrace healing, comfort, and protection with cypress. Often used in times of crisis, including the death of a loved one.


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