As summer gently bows out-

As summer gently bows out-

As summer gently bows out-

Tomato plants still producing

the first kiss of fall is felt. While we are still having hot days, the air is changing. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow and the garden is slowing down. Although the tomatoes will continue to ripen until October, many of the flowers are drying up.


Soon it will be time to collect seeds for next year. Every year I save seeds and have done this for many years. I rarely ever need to buy seeds. This summer, my youngest decided she wanted to save seeds, so we have quite the stash ready for next spring.

Every season has its own beauty and I always look forward to the change. However, there is always a little twinge of sadness when I see the summer garden preparing itself for fall. A lot of time is spent prepping the garden in spring, pulling weeds, and planting flowers and seeds. It is difficult to not feel a little bit of loss to see it all moving on.

End of summer garden.

Change often brings a promise of something new or different. As in the seasons, this change will bring fall. Fall welcomes apples, pumpkins, cooler nights, and the fall holidays. All things I look forward to.

I am hoping this change also brings us rain. It has been such a dry season here in California, we are in severe drought conditions. Some places in California currently do not have potable water. Their water is being dropped on their doorstep in bottles. Amazing how we can take something so simple as water and not realize its true importance. Air and water sustain all life. Please make an effort to conserve water, regardless of where you live on the planet, it is a precious resource.

And, we all need to do our part in sustaining our natural resources. Do your part in conserving water and keeping it clean. Remember that the health of our planet will dictate the health of its inhabitants!



A healthy planet begins with you!