The Art of Busy

The Art of Busy

The Art of Busy

Everyone is busy these days. Ask someone that you haven’t seen in a while how they’ve been and most likely they will say “oh, I have been so busy.” It’s like a modern-day art, an expected way of life.  With the dawn of “the busy life” new words or phrases have made their debut to set a balance to the “crazy busy.” Self-care and Earthing are two that come to mind. Self-care isn’t a new phrase as many view this as something you do for yourself, such as getting a manicure or going for a walk. However, true self-care is rarely practiced by many of us. It means taking the time to truly slow down, to breathe, to focus, to just do nothing. It is a practice to consciously do nothing.


“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” ― Lao Tzu


Earthing is a form of self-care and one of my favorites, I might add! This term is tossed around a lot these days. In a way, I find it rather amusing, if not saddening, that there’s an actual term for spending time in nature. For some of us, the word earthing may bring about thoughts of grounding in electricity. Interestingly, in a similar fashion, it is almost the same concept for humans. Simply put, it is to connect with the Earth, to establish a reciprocal type of healing and recharge between humans and Mother Earth.


The act of Earthing itself is a relatively simple one. However, there are various techniques associated with it, and these can be easily found online. There is also a plethora of information on the benefits of earthing. Proponents state that it is beneficial for specific conditions such as blood pressure issues, chronic pain issues, EMF (electromagnetic fields) protection, improving sleep, reducing stress, increasing energy, and reducing inflammation. Additionally, fresh air, sunshine, and relaxation offer increased benefits. I like to keep things simple, as living in harmony with Mother Earth should be an organic and natural act, free from the idea of “doing it the wrong way.”

When I first wrote this article, I hadn’t found concrete evidence of the benefits of Earthing. However, in recent years Earthing has become increasingly popular. There are now books, articles, and movies that talk about Earthing. Whether or not the benefits of earthing are entirely plausible, who couldn’t stand to benefit from taking the time to slow down and spend some time in nature?

So exactly how does
one practice Earthing? Simply put, disconnect, and reconnect. Disconnect by walking away from your computer, cell phone, and any other electrical device. Step outside. Reconnect by removing your shoes and walking on the Earth! Any place, anywhere… the beach, a park, a lake, a mountain trail, or even your backyard. Winter, spring, summer, fall…any time of the year and any time of the day. Focus and meditate on the beauty of nature. 


Take time to appreciate the imperfect perfection that nature has to offer.

So the next time someone asks you, “how have you been?” Take a moment to think…how have YOU been? Have you taken some time for yourself? Have you invested some time in genuine self-care? Have you practiced the “art of doing nothing”?