This one goes to 11

This one goes to 11

This one goes to 11

Want to be an earth-friendly, organic “rock star”? Then sign up with your local CSA. What’s a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is seasonal produce that is grown locally by smaller family farms. CSA’s have increased in popularity over the years, for the most part, due to the slow foods movement. So here is my list that rocks on to 11 reasons why you should eat like an organic rock star and support your local CSA!


1. Benefits the local economy.

2. Supports small, hopefully organic, farmers, and their families.

3. You will learn to eat seasonally.

4. It’s a great way to try new foods and recipes.

5. You will eat more fruits and veggies.

6. It creates a feeling of community and is also a wonderful way to meet like-minded individuals.

7. Will encourage you to prepare whole foods using nutritious ingredients.

8. Teaches children (and adults!) where real food comes from.

9. Locally grown food is fresher.

10. Less environmental impact since the food doesn’t need to travel great distances to you.

11. It’s just better… I’ll confess, I am a food snob. And, I am not talking about fancy cuisine-type foods, rather, made at home, whole nutritious foods.

These go to 11… Spinal Tap