California is thirsty….

California is thirsty….

California is thirsty….

It rained this weekend in California, on the first weekend of August! Yes, this is a big deal for us here in California, especially since we are experiencing severe drought conditions.

Poplar trees and Trumpet Vine

While the rain was a relief from the hot weather we had been having, it is merely a drop in the bucket.  The drought will persist, so we must all make an effort to conserve water daily. There is much information on saving water, including the obvious; don’t wash your car, take shorter showers, don’t overwater the lawn, and shut the faucet off when brushing your teeth. How about some other water-saving tips.

Here are some things we do at our home to conserve water.

The best kind of pool for the kiddos is the type that has a filter. Otherwise, with regular kiddie pools, they need to be emptied and cleaned out weekly. We purchased a saltwater system for our pool, and it keeps the pool water sparkling clean all summer long! At the end of the season, we attach a water pump to a garden hose and water the lawn with the pool water.

Cucumber, Morning Glories, Lemongrass, and other herbs.

When landscaping, opt for indigenous or drought resistant plants. Use pots for the vegetable garden instead of planting directly in the ground. As opposed to using sprinklers, watering by hand can save water in the way that you are controlling where the water actually goes. When using sprinklers, be sure to check that they are not watering the sidewalk or creating rivers that lead to the street.

When trying to cool (or warm) water coming out of the tap, collect it in a bucket or container. Use this water for your indoor and outdoor plants.

My washing machine has four water level settings. The highest level I use is three on a full load, and my laundry comes out just as clean.

Morning Glories loving the rain.

I have read about homes that have recycling water systems. There are even some DIY tutorials on setting one up in your home. Be sure to check with your state regulations before proceeding. We could only hope that homes in the near future will be standard equipped with greywater recycling systems and perhaps even solar panels!

How are you conserving water? I want to read about your tips and ideas!





Remember, a healthy planet begins with you!

Birdbath re-purposed as a planter.