For the Gratitude of Guinea Pigs

For the Gratitude of Guinea Pigs

For the Gratitude of Guinea Pigs

I am totally and completely against animal testing in any way, however, over the years, my family members have been my Guinea Pigs. Many times knowingly, but others not. At some point, they gave up asking “what is this made of?” or “what type of product does this replace?”. Now they just smile and approach, ever so cautiously.

So here’s a heartfelt “thank you” to all my beloved Guinea Pigs. From learning that, yes, you can reheat food without a microwave oven, to realizing that the weeds in the garden are not to be weed-whacked or pulled. The new recipes and supplements, some favorable and others not so much. Along with the constant reminder to ask before consuming something that is sitting on the counter in an unlabeled container. I usually label my remedies, but one time a glass of white vinegar was mistaken for a glass of water. ICK!

When we first began on the path of improving our health, and that of our Earth, there were fewer options and substitutes for many of the foods and products we regularly used. This is where creativity and experimentation came into play. I made most, if not all, of our home cleaning products. I also made many of our personal care products. Quite a few recipes were adapted to suit our dietary changes to include more whole, local, organic, and unprocessed foods. I feel that my kids have learned a lot about the importance of caring for themselves and preserving the Earth as well. They actually see the value of walking lightly on our planet and “kissing the Earth with their feet”.


Perhaps it’s kind of a boast, but I am proud of the fact that my kids understand what organic means and that they know what GMO’s are. They have a true appreciation of what it means to “live green”. Additionally, they possess basic knowledge of how to heal themselves using plants and herbs. To them, this is how life has always been…I wouldn’t have done it any differently. I’ll have to admit, my loved ones are still subject to “experiments”. I think at this point and time, they have begun to see the benefits of being test subjects and openly embrace the new changes.

Well, most of the time.



A healthy planet begins with you! 

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