Fear Based Metamorphosis

Fear Based Metamorphosis

Fear Based Metamorphosis

Most likely the dirtiest word ever…the “c” word. One that causes many to cringe and so very few to express delight in hearing it. A word that forces us out of our shells and makes us step into the great unknown. This word, change, is as constant as the moon and sun play chase around the Earth. The one thing we can expect in life is that things will change. Situations in our future lives will not be exactly as they are now. For the most part, changes in our lives are good-even though it may not seem like a positive occurrence at the moment.

Have you, or someone you know, ever made a major life change due to fear? Many of us have at one point or another. But is this the best way to improve one’s life? Do changes like this truly stick?

In my own experiences, I have found that situations are most beneficial when they are changed for the right reasons. In other words, making a drastic change for reasons other than improving your quality of life may not end up being in your best interest. And in the same breath, I am also going to say that someone will not change their ways until they feel ready. Additionally, major changes appear to be most beneficial when they are emotionally and financially within your scope. However, making drastic changes can sometimes leave you longing to revert to your old habits. One step at a time…


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”― Lao Tzu


I am all for making informed choices. To ensure these choices take hold, modify your lifestyle when you are ready, taking the time needed to adjust. Reading one or two info-graphics or blogs isn’t sufficient to make an informed choice. Do your research, don’t let fear be a motivating force for metamorphosis. There is so much information available since the advent of the internet. Use it to your advantage but also keep it to a minimum to prevent over-load anxiety. Changes due to fear can have a positive outcome, but there are times we are searching for a quick remedy to something without taking the *holistic idea in mind. Research, research, research!

Let’s re-write our choices in life from a Fear-Based Metamorphosis to Empowered Metamorphosis, Goal Driven Metamorphosis, or simply a Metamorphosis- an educated, positive, well researched, long-lasting one at that.



*Simple Definition of Holistic