Intuitive Harvesting

Intuitive Harvesting

Intuitive Harvesting

To step out into the garden at any time of the year promotes a feeling of tranquility and wonder. While I am in the garden harvesting, the plants seem to call out and offer their assistance. I rarely know which plants I will be choosing until I am outside perusing what is seasonally thriving. 

Visit the garden

It is in the garden that I harvest plants to make tea for my loved ones. Most of the time it is to offer relief from a virus. So with the person in mind, I step outside and visit the plants. A walk around the garden highlights what my choices are. Depending on the person and the symptoms, the combinations will vary. During the time of year when the plants are resting, I will choose from the herbs I prepped and dried over the summertime.

The inspiration for this writing came about when I was asked to make a healing tea for a loved one. After taking note of the symptoms and personality traits, I began my harvesting. This specific tea was to encourage healing in the way of relieving symptoms from a common virus. The first plant I came across was thyme. Thyme is one of my favorite antiviral plants. It offers relief from congestion and sore throats as well. Next, my attention was called to the calendula plants. I harvested a few flowers to add to the tea, these would infuse the tea with calming energies. A sprig or two of oregano popped up next. Oregano is also antiviral and effective in clearing congestion.  Even though it was at the end of its season, holy basil also offered a few sprigs. Holy basil, or tulsi, is an adaptogenic herb that also boosts the immune system and is beneficial in alleviating symptoms of respiratory issues. Then from my apothecary of dried materials, I added dried elderberries, anise seeds, stevia, and mint leaves.

How are the plants chosen?

 It’s a combination of knowledge and a simple knowing. A simple knowing is what many would refer to as intuition. Through connecting with the plants and understanding how they can heal us, we develop the ability to know which plant to choose. I refer to this as Joyful Intuitive Harvesting. The practice is simple and creates a joyful acronym.

L– Learn about the plants. Take the time to research the plant using a variety of sources. Be sure to learn about the benefits, uses, precautions, growing, and harvesting.

O– Observe the plants. What do the flowers, seeds, leaves, and roots look like? How does this plant appear at different seasons?

L– Listen to their messages. Listen more with your heart and less with your ears. Quiet the mind and allow the messages to flow. Trust your intuition. 


Plants and how to use them in our daily lives is something I have focused on a lot for the last 15 years. It began with a fascination, and perhaps a realization, that plants have the ability to heal us. We just need to be in a place of allowing to welcome this. What I learned is that the majority of plants offer a multitude of healing applications. I make an effort to learn about one plant at a time and to learn everything I can about it. When I decided to begin adding some of these medicinal plants to my garden I did it gradually. I added a few at a time, learning about their benefits and how to use them.

Seek nourishment within the unexpected

I have reached the point where I grow the majority of the medicinal plants required to provide and maintain wellness for my own family. Upon first glance, my garden may appear a regular garden, perhaps a little messy at times. Look a little closer, tucked in between some of the flowering plants is a plant that will soothe your cough and clear your congestion. The flowers that the bees are tending are the same ones that will calm that itchy rash or promote a feeling of tranquility.  Serenity and humbleness are exuded by the plants in the garden. It’s a beautiful partnership in which the aim is to provide both nourishment and healing-  to our body, mind, and spirit. Connect with the plants. Listen to their humble message of healing.




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  • Wow! Wow! Wow! So poetically shared. Must read for all. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom. ❤️❤️❤️