Stay Centered

Stay Centered

Stay Centered

The past season blessed us with an abundance of winter weather, and the colder temperatures graced us with some beautiful snow as well.  As the storms moved on, the warmer weather crept in.

One day the high was 57°. I couldn’t wait to visit the magical garden.

Once outside, the Earth beckoned, and Sun embraced me.

As I lay upon the Earth, I drank in the warmth from the sun. The gentle breeze stirred the leaves. I could hear the swoosh of raven wings flying overhead. A few honeybees buzzed around as a little beetle explored the edge of the garden bed.

Pure bliss.

 I asked the Earth what I needed to know at that moment.

“Balance is not complacency.”

When we think of finding balance, we think of neutrality, of walking that middle road. Sometimes it’s also the notion that things are okay as they are and that no further action is needed. So does the middle ground mean we don’t take a stand? Does this mean we are complacent?

No, not at all!

Can we maintain balance and still hold firm to our convictions and expectations?

Of course, we can. We can stay fully grounded and still fly overhead. We can be realistic and yet set goals that are inspired by our dreams.
That’s what is beautiful about the middle road; you can step on either side and still be centered. There is more clarity and less uncertainty when you choose to remain centered.

Walk your path, stand in your truth, stay centered.

I graciously accepted this message as I have been seeking balance and perhaps even some directional guidance this past winter season.

Then I remembered one of the reasons I had stepped outside. I was on the search for some oregano. My winter reserve was running quite low, and I wanted to see if one of my plants had some leaves they were willing to offer up. Two of my plants had leaves to spare. Thank you, lovely oregano.


“At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.” 
― Lao Tzu