Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

Winter is a time of rest and regeneration. While we may be called to hibernate, we are also being encouraged to plan and organize. This year my winter season began in autumn. This was due to personal commitments I had set for myself — one of those included expanding my knowledge of healing plants. So while my blog has been a bit quiet, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been bubbling with ideas to share. On the contrary, I have a list of drafts and ideas that are waiting for the continued spark to be birthed into existence fully.

One of these sparks, or perhaps it was more a glimmer- a realization, was a call from the days of old. I want to say my mind turned to these thoughts, but it was more my heart that led me to explore this little glimmer a bit more. As I have mentioned, my thoughts have been immersed with plants and their healing benefits. One cannot just learn about healing plants and skip over the history of this ancient healing art. This has always been a topic of interest to me- how our ancestors lived and navigated daily living. 

It was during the process of my studies that I began a bit of soul-searching. As I dove deeper into topics and ideas that resonated with me, I began to find clarity.  It was as if some long-forgotten genetic memories were stirred. The path that seemed a bit foggy was now beginning to become more apparent. It was a call to connect deeper with the natural world. I was promptly reminded of my Earth Promise from a previous year. In which I set the intention to connect more with the spiritual aspect of my wellness journey. To listen to the Earth and connect with her creatures. To honor the cycles of the Earth. To deepen my understanding of the rhythms of our natural world and the role we play in it. To continue to walk in harmony with the Earth in the belief that healing the planet initiates healing within ourselves. And through this understanding and learning, my intention is to share my experiences and knowledge as my path evolves.

And so here I am, as I witness the coming of spring amidst the interchange of cold and warmer days. I am feeling the emergence of new beginnings as I notice the seedlings in the magical garden pushing up through the soil awakening from their slumber. I too am awakening. I am intently listening to the divine guidance that has whispered so tenderly for quite some time.


I’m ready for spring.









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