The Glow of Wellness

The Glow of Wellness

The Glow of Wellness

It is common to equate wellness with the word glowing. People are often told they are “glowing” when they appear well, both physically and spiritually. For the better part of the past 16 years, I have put quite a lot of effort into finding and maintaining “glow” in my life and that of my loved ones. I have spent countless hours researching companies and products. The priority being organizations that offer a message that is most in line with our lifestyle choices, including organic and fair trade products. When I find such a company, I become a loyal customer and have no reservations in recommending them to others. One such company is So Well. For well over 10 years I have been a customer of theirs and later on, became an affiliate as well.     

It is through So Well (Solay Wellness at the time) that I first learned about Himalayan salt and salt lamps. After doing some research, I just had to have one of my own. Actually, I ended up purchasing 4 of them! This was about 10 years ago and at the time, they were a great conversation piece as most people hadn’t ever seen one before. Fortunately, this has changed and now there seems to be a lot of interest these days in Himalayan salt lamps. And it’s with good reason!

Currently, there’s quite a lot of information on the benefits of using a Himalayan salt lamp. I can’t say I agree with all of it, however, I can share a few reasons why I love my salt lamps.

First and foremost, they are beautiful! They radiate a soft, soothing glow. Some salt lamps come with a dimmer switch, this allows the lamp to emit a slight glimmer similar to a nightlight or a stronger glow like a couple of lit candles.
Secondly, they are said to mitigate the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields). There is a lot of information available about EMF’s-what they are and how they have the potential to cause harm. I invite you to make your own decisions on this by doing your own research. I spent several years researching and made my decisions based on what I discovered. The information that I learned from my own searching is what lead me to begin my research on Himalayan salt lamps.

Additionally, salt lamps aid in clearing the air. Some people compare the feeling of being around a salt lamp as similar to being at the beach. While I prefer to sit at the beach, I can say that my Himalayan salt lamps do make me feel more grounded and relaxed. This could be due to the fact that many believe that Himalayan salt lamps when they are warmed by being powered on, have the ability to release negative ions. Negative ions are efficient in clearing the air, and for many, may create a feeling of “fresher cleaner air”.

I guess what it comes down to is that, at least for me, these lamps do provide a feeling of serenity. Regardless of what the scientific community has said, I believe that there are certain things that cannot be measured with modern day tools. One of these things is the emotional harmony and sense of well-being these lamps have created for me.

Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of colors and shapes. There are candle holders, bowls, and lamps available to suit every need and style. Please be aware that not all salt lamps are created equal, look for reputable businesses that are Fair Trade Certified. (Read: You get what you pay for, please don’t purchase from drug stores and discount stores.)  I invite you to do some of your own research- you may be pleasantly surprised at not only their beauty but their functionality as well.


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