10 Reasons Why Children Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle Better Than Adults

10 Reasons Why Children Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle Better Than Adults

10 Reasons Why Children Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle Better Than Adults

It’s no secret that children are prone to living less inhibited than most adults. This becomes more apparent during the summer months. Why is it that children seem to live more holistically than adults? Ironically, the average child has no idea what the word holistic even means. They are just being, just living, embracing a set of living ideas that’s a distant memory for most adults. What are some ways that children naturally live more holistically?


  1. They don’t shower as often. Yep, it’s true. Especially in the summer…I have heard some parents say, ” they don’t need a shower, they were in the water all day.” Recent findings suggest that showering less actually preserves the beneficial bacteria on our bodies. On a side note, I highly recommend rinsing after swimming in a chlorinated pool.
  2. Since they shower less, they use less soap. So what’s good about less soap? Soap is drying to the skin. Also, while there isn’t concrete evidence as of yet, it is believed that using soap after a day in the sun may potentially wash off some of the Vitamin D the body has yet to absorb. 
  3. Children often don’t worry how they look in a swimsuit…or any outfit for that matter. They wear what makes them happy. What if more adults occasionally embraced this idea?
  4. They eat when they are hungry. (Hopefully nourishing foods.)  Some days it’s all day and other times they seem to live on the air they breathe. I am not suggesting that, as adults, we eat all day or skip eating for a day. However, children are less likely to eat due to emotional or habitual reasons. 
  5. Kids sleep when they are tired.
  6. Nothing quite compares to the wonder and amazement of a child enjoying a starry night, a floating butterfly, or a beautiful wildflower. Most children have a deep appreciation and understanding of the natural world.
  7. When raised in an environment where it is encouraged, children are more in touch with their emotions and express them more freely.
  8. Children play- they laugh, use their imaginations, and enjoy a level of freedom that we often look back at in nostalgic ways as adults.
  9.  Children know how to “just be”.  For many children, mindfulness exists because they haven’t been told otherwise.
  10.  Running and playing barefoot! Kids are naturals at earthing.


Ever notice that children don’t seem to get sick as often during the summer as they do in the cooler months? Could it be the result of a more holistic style of living? Holistic in the sense of a carefree summertime with fewer schedules and sunny days. Of course, these are generalizations as I know some adults that embrace a lifestyle similar to this, or at least parts of it. There are also some children that may not have experienced this type of lifestyle for a variety of reasons. So once again, this isn’t to say that one lifestyle is better or that you have failed as a parent if you or your child doesn’t resonate with this.  

It is often said that children are our greatest teachers. I truly feel this, especially with my own children. My children have shared lessons with me that have changed my life for the better, in ways that I couldn’t have ever imagined. Even if you don’t have children, take some time to meditate on the time when you were a child. Embrace that child, listen to that child, allow yourself to be that child occasionally when the time is appropriate. Join hands with your child, or inner child, and enjoy the beginning of a more holistic way of being.



Always consult a qualified health professional prior to making dietary changes, especially if you are on any medication or are experiencing health issues. 


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