Time to Come Clean, Part 2

Time to Come Clean, Part 2

Time to Come Clean, Part 2

Last time I confessed to not using dishwashing detergent to hand-wash dishes. Well, I have another confession…


I can’t remember the last time I bought hand soap.



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It’s true, I have been making our hand soap for quite some time. Once again, through trial and error, I developed a simple and cost-effective recipe that has worked for my family’s needs.

And you guessed it, it’s not antibacterial. I have always been a bit skeptical of antibacterial soaps and how excessively they were being used. It goes without saying that we have recently learned that antibacterial soaps may actually contribute to bacterial resistance.
 We don’t need to kill all the bacteria!  

Our bodies need bacteria to thrive, both “good and bad” are necessary to maintain a proper balance. Setting the antibacterial issue aside, most store-bought liquid hand soaps contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives in addition to other chemicals. Ever wondered what the word
“fragrance” really means when you see it on a product bottle? Here is a great example of the list of ingredients that a company chooses from when formulating a scent for a specific product. Also, read the EWG.org rating on a popular liquid hand soap. However, mostly due to consumer demand, more companies are disclosing full ingredient lists. Additionally, some companies are making an effort to eliminate these ingredients of concern. Please note that while I feel that everyone does the best with what they have, a little bit more light shed on the issue of the effect of certain chemicals on our bodies and the environment is beneficial to all. What it comes down to, is that more often than not, it’s actually less expensive to make your own products with simple ingredients.

 Making your own liquid hand soap is fairly simple with just a few ingredients. And, unlike the dishwashing powder- for all of you that need the bubbles….that crave the suds…..this hand soap is very sudsy! A foaming soap dispenser is what creates the magic in this recipe.
To make the hand soap, all that is required is liquid castile soap, water, and essential oils of your choice. The essential oils add scent to the soap and also natural antibacterial, antiviral and healing properties. Some oils I prefer to use are lavender, sweet orange, lemon, lime, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil.  Alternatively, there are liquid castile soaps that already have the scents added. Be sure to read the label to verify that the fragrances used are from natural sources.  Or, if you would like an unscented version, just skip the essential oils altogether. Optional ingredients include vegetable glycerin and aloe vera. The vegetable glycerin and aloe vera can make the liquid a bit thicker, but most of all, they add moisturizing properties to the soap. View the recipe below for measurements and instructions. 
Cost-effective, simple to make, and environmentally friendly…..
 Ingredients from a popular liquid hand soap. 


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  • Awesome idea!!! Deifnitely going to have to give it a go! Thank you for this wisdom. Xo