Overlord of Information

Overlord of Information

Overlord of Information

It was roughly 18 years ago that I took my first steps towards my journey of healthy living. It was a challenge to find information as I didn’t have a computer to do internet research. I bought some books, watched documentaries, made phone calls, and visited the library a few times. But I still needed more; I had so many questions. I wanted to know “why.” Why were certain chemicals detrimental to our health, why was the quality of our food declining, why were certain foods “bad” for us, and what did that even mean?

Where did all of this lead me?

To more research, of course. I made an effort to seek out others on a similar path. I asked a lot of questions and read more books. However, I felt there was still so much more to learn.

And then came the internet. It wasn’t long before computers became as common a household item like a toaster. When I got my first computer, I spent hours researching all that I had ever wanted to know!

Then I had a realization

…it was almost too much! Information overload. There is so much information floating about in cyberspace- an immeasurable amount! How much time can one dedicate to researching and learning? For many of us, the answer is a limited amount of time due to life’s other obligations. So what do we do? Sometimes we turn to social media. There are memes, blogs, and stories to read all day. Little tidbits of information about what we may or may not need to know.


But this only created more questions for me

How often do we stop and research these tidbits of information? Do we ever read what the opposition’s statement is? How often do we do our own research and investigation?

Who’s really in control here?

During the Middle Ages, the common political system was called feudalism. The feudal system had overlords, and they essentially maintained a high degree of power over the people. So who is the “overlord” here? Are we allowing technology to dictate our own thought processes? Knowing how to distill all of this information is imperative to wading through the vast expanse of facts, information, and details we are presented with daily.

Thankfully, the feudal system died out a long time ago, and we no longer have to take orders from an overlord. Take control of the information. Don’t allow someone else to do it for you.

Educate you– the ways and means to do it are at your fingertips.

But don’t stop there; some of the best information is acquired through experience.  A holistic way of life embraces every aspect of how we live, including our emotions and thought patterns. Step outside and connect with the natural world; there is so much to be learned that doesn’t come from written words.  Create your own experiences, learn, and grow from this.