The Recipe of Life

The Recipe of Life

The Recipe of Life

Growing up, we didn’t have measuring cups and spoons in the kitchen. My mom used the spoons in the drawers and the teacups in the cabinet for measuring ingredients. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I purchased measuring cups and spoons for my own home.

My parents came to live in this country when I was about two years old

In search of a better life, they left behind their family, friends, and homeland. This also meant that I grew up without my grandparents. While it was difficult not to have them close by, I have fond memories of the times they did come to visit. The last time I saw my grandpa was when I was a teen. This visit with my grandpa and grandma would prove to be the most memorable as it was the last time I saw the two of them together.

My maternal grandfather was a baker

On this final visit, I remember coming home from school and finding the kitchen countertop full of amazing pastries and other treats. On the weekends, he made pizza. A lot of pizza! The kitchen looked like a pizzeria. As he created his edible masterpieces, you could see the joy on his face and taste the love infused into every bite. It was truly magical. And guess what? There wasn’t a recipe book or measuring spoons and cups. I learned that cooking and baking is about using your senses. How does the dough feel? How does the sauce taste or smell? Does it look ready?

A recipe is a suggestion

Baking and cooking is an art in the way that it is merely more than just mixing the ingredients. We learn the basics of cooking and follow the recipe the first few times. The more experience we gain, the easier it becomes to cook and bake intuitively. Not much compares to the feeling of devising your recipe as you combine ingredients that result in a delicious creation. Well, sometimes creations don’t go as planned, but that’s what I refer to as “experiments.” Either way, it is all a learning process as we realize that a recipe is simply a recommendation.

Guidelines for life

Expectations that appear as rules and guidelines are placed on us by society. Quite often we feel the need to comply and follow this preordained recipe of life, even after we have memorized and mastered every step.


Each of us must seek our unique path. 

Your journey hasn’t been written for you because you must write your own story. If you don’t like the story thus far, then it is time to start a new one. Intuitively, with love, and using all of your senses, create your masterpiece. Know that it is okay to follow the recipe as long as you feel the need to, but listen to your inner self. Listen when the call is edging you to step out and move forward. And keep in mind, that while your journey is your own, you don’t have to go at it alone. Reach out to others when in need. 


Wishing you an abundance of creative inspiration and joy as you create your own recipe for life. 







Response to "The Recipe of Life"

  • Oh my wow! I love this with all my heart! This just a beautiful and hearty share of living a pure and healthy life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us – I loved reading about your grandfather’s love of baking. Using our whole senses to create a life that we love and in turn loves us back – this is a deep message that I’m taking away from your incredible heartlight. Thank you! Sending you infinite Blessings. Xo Mona 🙏❤️