Time to Bloom

Time to Bloom

Time to Bloom

Recently, my life felt like an hourglass that had ceased to move. Ideas and inspiration were stuck at the top, bottle-necked, waiting to flow to the next level. What does it take to get unstuck?

A shake, a jiggle, an inversion?


But how does one initiate the continuous flow that brings forth balance as the sands seem to pass so effortlessly from one side of the hourglass to the other? The uninterrupted flow isn’t effortless, as gravity is needed to encourage it. The same can be said for self-care. Self-care takes effort, patience, and plenty of rerouting to maintain flow. True self-care is included in holistic living as it embraces equilibrium within our daily lifestyle.

For me, the whirlwind of the holidays begins in October. As expected, the days pass quickly and there seems to be no shortage of commitments and expectations. And then one day we stop and breathe- and realize it’s mid-January! There is a feeling of relief, but perhaps there is also a period of realignment. A time to reevaluate our intentions.

This is where I felt stuck- questioning what’s next? In the midst of this soul-searching, I was reminded of my previous writing. My New Year’s post, where I shared my Earth Promise for the year. Suddenly, my clarity was restored. The intention I had shared was gently nudging me. Reminding me of my desire to deepen my connection with Mother Earth and her creatures. Clarity and intention ushers in flow. The ideas and inspiration are no longer restricted. The hourglass moves freely now. 

At one time or another many of us experience a lack of inspiration and clarity. A feeling of being stuck. Here are some suggestions that have proved beneficial to myself and my clients. Keep in mind, if you are experiencing health concerns or taking medication, please consult with your healthcare provider prior to undertaking a vigorous exercise program or making drastic dietary changes.  


  • Detox- This can include drinking a daily tea for gentle detoxification. Dandelion is one of my favorite choices. It can also be a more thorough program that includes dietary changes and supplements. 
  • Fasting- Intermittent fasting, juice fasts, single-day fasts. There are a lot of choices there. Be sure to consult with someone or do plenty of research before you begin. 
  • Journaling- There are so many types of journals these days. Some include pages to color and others are planners as well.  It can also be a simple composition book. Choose one that speaks to you.
  • Exercise- Take a walk, jog, go for a run. Go to the gym. Practice yoga. No need to take a class. The goal is to move your body in a way that is enjoyable for you. 
  • Do something alone. Go to the movies, go hiking, sit under a tree, or even take a mini-vacation. Spend some time with your best friend- you.
  • Meditate- Any form of meditation. Do what works for you- moving, dancing, walking, guided, self-guided.
  • Earthing– My favorite way to disconnect and reconnect. 
  • Read- Anything that brings you joy. A comic, a story, even books on tape. Allow yourself to get lost in the story. 
  • Listen to music or make music.
  • Dance- No choreography needed. Just dance, do what feels good. 
  • Create- Draw, write, paint, craft, cook. Whatever feels enjoyable. Drop all expectations. You are doing this for you. Enjoyment is gained in the process of creation. 
  • Clean and tidy-  Declutter your living space, clean out a closet, tidy a drawer. Reorganize your environment.
  • Set boundaries. Prioritize your life. Learn to say no and be ok with it. Drop expectations of how others “should be”. Choose what brings you peace.

Realize that seeking balance doesn’t mean that we will feel good all the time and be perfectly happy. It’s okay to sit in the darkness from time to time. It’s okay to feel stuck sometimes.


This is how we bloom. 


Seek balance ~ Set boundaries ~ Bloom



Response to "Time to Bloom"

  • Lovely advice! I do all of those things you suggested – but so grateful for the reminder. Cannot express how beautiful it is to fast. Beautiful post, sister! ❤️

    • Thank you so much, sister. It’s truly a pleasure to share. I am not surprised at all that you practice all of the suggestions. <3