Twenty-One Things About Me

Twenty-One Things About Me

Twenty-One Things About Me

This is my hundredth post on my blog. A bit of a milestone for me. I wanted to do something a little more out of the ordinary to honor this occasion. It was with the encouragement of a few loved ones that I decided to write a “things you probably didn’t know about me” post. Honestly, at first, I was uncomfortable with the idea-  having to talk about myself. Wondering who would actually want to read it. Then I realized that reading this type of post is my most favorite read from my fellow bloggers.

So here it is…twenty-one things you may or may not know about me!


  1. Growing up, I was painfully shy. I am still what most refer to as introverted, but have learned to use my voice when necessary.
  2. Since I was about 5 years old, my main interests were healing and animals. I have dedicated my life to learning not only how the body works, but how to create and maintain wellness.
  3. My first language was Spanish. I learned to speak English when I started school.
  4. I am a 3rd Dan (degree) black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I began my training at 10 years old. These days, I mostly teach and my practice is sporadic. I have maintained regular involvement in the family business for the past 26 years.
  5.  Working with plants brings me immense joy and satisfaction. This is my moving meditation, my place of mindfulness. Whether I am planting seeds, tending the plants, harvesting, or creating remedies.
  6. My wedding had a fairy-tale theme. It was magical and lovely- there was even an ice sculpture of a castle.
  7. In high school, I regularly wrote poetry. At the urging of my English teacher, I had a few pieces published in the school newspaper. I went on to have some published in a book of poetry.
  8. A used bookstore draws me in faster than a honeybee to a sunflower.
  9. What’s my favorite color? It depends on what it is.
  10. I am passionate about learning. I am always taking courses or independently studying something related to holistic health.
  11. I enjoy cooking and baking but I really don’t like to follow recipes. I use them as guidelines to create my own recipes.
  12. Something I get asked quite often is if I follow a vegetarian diet. Currently, the short answer is no, although I have off and on over the years.
  13. I have an appreciation for all types of music. Heavy metal music is one of my favorite music genres. My husband and I have been to many concerts together. We now have our children joining us as they have grown older and express interest in attending. 
  14. I love food. I feel that society has lost the connection of what food really means to us. The magical energy it truly imparts to our lives, beyond the simple sustenance it is commonly viewed as. I believe that food not only nurtures but heals as well.
  15. I am a night owl AND a morning person.
  16. Since I was a teenager, I have collected dragons and fairies.
  17. I love chocolate. Real, dark, organic, ethically grown, and produced chocolate. Not the store-bought run-of-the-mill variety.
  18. My favorite Star Wars character is Yoda.
  19. I have had a variety of pets.  A memorable one was a chicken named Lola.
  20. A rebel at heart, I rarely follow the path of a trend. I travel my own path. 
  21. Twelve is my favorite number, which is 21 backward. So this is where I leave off. Besides, it’s a beautiful autumn day and the leaves are whispering little secrets as they tumble down from their branches. Secrets that have only been shared with the ravens.


That was a little stretch within my comfort zone. Have you ever written out a list of random things about yourself? Have you ever made a list of strengths and weaknesses that you possess? The first time I gave deep thought to doing this was two summers ago when I was working on a self-development program. I was asked to write out what my weaknesses or least favorite parts of me were, this was a simple task. The next question proved to be a challenge, it was to write out what my strengths were. It is interesting how society has conditioned us to think that sharing about oneself is boastful. It can be if the intention is self-serving and perhaps untrue. However, there is a level of empowerment that arrives when we speak up and share about who we truly are. If you feel called to do so, I would love to read your 21 things (or any number you choose).




Response to "Twenty-One Things About Me"

  • Not going to lie, I’m jealous that you had a castle ice sculpture at your wedding!
    Loved this, it’s nice to get to know the person behind the blog 🙂

    • Thank you for reading, Ebony-Rose! The ice sculpture was amazing! I will have to share a photo of it sometime. It’s not a digital photo so I will need to scan it. 🙂

  • I love you and everything about you, and all that makes you, you! I totally get what you mean about empowered ownership of ones strengths.
    1) I am a loving and kindhearted soul
    2) I have great empathy for people that have struggled too much in life. Of course we all have, but some more than others.
    3) I am very loyal to those that I feel are sincere
    4) I am an optimist
    5) I love to spread joy and lift people up
    6) I commune with the stars, stones and trees
    7) I have courage that I didn’t know I had, and it gets me through a whole lot
    8) I am sensitive, highly sensitive
    9) I love feeding people (something about feeding food, that is so incredibly rewarding)
    10) I love to meet the lonely and offer them hope through compassionate embrace for them.
    11) I love patterns, number And symbols, which help guide me on my path.
    12) I turn to meditate towards the source of this universe, and being that wisdom back with me to share with others.

    I have done my 12 because it’s your favorite number. Happy reading dear Goddess! You are a complete blessing on this journey! I thank you for being! I thank you for creating this blog. ❤️🙏❤️

    • Oh my goodness, sister….I love this share about you!! Yes to all of it, this is YOU! I am honored to share this with you, much love! xoxo

  • Happy 100th post!! What a milestone! This was such an interesting post – loved finding out new and quirky details about you xxx

  • Ahhh I loved loved getting to know you a bit more. Magical fairies, ice sculptures and food , so much in common with our souls 😍