Top 17 Earth Promises for 2017

Top 17 Earth Promises for 2017

Top 17 Earth Promises for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t really my thing, I prefer to live in the present. It’s a positive act to set the intention and there is much to benefit from such achievements. However, I often view resolutions as ideas that someone sees as a far-off and perhaps even unattainable long-term goal. Set those intentions, but live in the present at the same time. Make those changes today, even if they seem small.



What I have done yearly, for the past 17 years or so, is make an Earth Promise. 

My idea of an Earth Promise is a holistic, environmentally friendly change I make on a yearly basis. These changes vary from year to year and can include learning something new or making a change in our household. Here is a list of some of the Earth Promises I have made over the years:

1. Reduce the use of plastic in our home. The roll of plastic wrap in our cupboard is roughly a year old, maybe even more!

2. Go bag-free. Thanks to a new California law, everyone is being encouraged to do this.  Please remember to regularly wash your reusable bags.

3. Get rid of all plastic-type food storage. Yes, even the BPA-free ones!

4. Reduce the amount of paper being used in our house.

5. Learn to compost. That year I asked for a compost barrel for Mother’s Day. Actually, I asked for 2!

6. Learn to garden and save seeds. Teach my children this as well.

7. Go organic, support local and in season foods by purchasing through a CSA.

8. Purify our water.

9. Exchange all of our personal care products for ones that are free of chemicals and toxins. 

10. Learn how to make my own cleaning products or find less toxic alternatives.

11. This one is definitely ongoing: learn about healing through holistic methods. Learn about plants, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and holistic nutrition.

12. Laundry – How to lessen the environmental impact on the Earth through the detergents we use and the energy and water usage involved in doing laundry.

13. Changes we can make to consume less. Putting the three R’s into action.

14. How to choose effective supplements and even how to make some of our own.

15. Replacing all the canned food items with glass jar alternatives or making our own. My can opener has been extremely lonely for some time now.

16. Learning that it’s not just the types of foods we cook, but also how we cook them. This resulted in all new cookware, utensils, and getting rid of our microwave. (This was one of the first changes I made 17 years ago!)

17. Practice gratitude and mindfulness.

My wish is that, perhaps, this list may inspire you to make a change or two this year. What is your Earth Promise this year? What Promises have you made in the past?

What’s my Earth Promise for 2017? I haven’t fully decided yet, but I do know that part of it includes what I have done here- to share and inspire others to make positive changes that benefit not only themselves but the Earth as well.


A healthy planet begins with you!